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Anonymous asked: Update? Amnesia is amazing by the way! :)


Thank you! Working on some stuff tonight for tomorrow!! :) xx

They cannot be serious!! 😂😂😂😂 enews is crap!

Amnesia Three!

About to post the third chapter to Amnesia on my wattpad!! Go check it out loves :)




A couple of people did but I didn’t respond to their messages bc I didn’t want to ruin it for other people lol xx

The Escort: Eleven

Previous Chapter: http://upallnightprefs94.tumblr.com/post/90381619037/the-escort-ten

When I opened my eyes the next morning, I felt his arm draped across my waist. I remembered the events from last night and it made my cheeks heat up.

I knew that once we left the bedroom, we would have to deal with the circus that was today. I wanted to lay there and enjoy the quiet moments that I had with him. I turned around to face him slowly.

He looked so peaceful sleeping. Zayn was just what I had been looking for. When I was with him, my heart raced like it was going to burst out of my chest. He made me feel…. alive. I didn’t know absolutely everything about him, but I knew that in time he was going to tell me.

I placed my hand on his chest and moved it up and down softly. I knew that we would have to get up soon, but I really didn’t want to.

Zayn stirred a little and slowly opened his eyes.

"Good morning." He mumbled.

"Morning." I smiled.

He pulled me even closer to him and rolled over so that he was hovering over me.

"Did you sleep well?" Zayn asked.

I nodded, “I sure did. Did you?”

"Yes, I really did." He chuckled as he moved some of my hair out of my face. I was going to say something, but was silenced by his lips against mine.

Zayn topped the list of any guy that I had ever kissed. It could be soft and sweet one moment, and then the next it could be passionate.

He moved down to my neck and placed soft kisses on it. I moan as he bit me softly.

"Zayn, we have to get going. Everyone is probably awake already." I warned him as he started to kiss my jawline.

"I know, but I would much rather stay in bed with you all day." He smirked.

I rolled my eyes at him as he sat up. I grabbed one of the blankets and got out of bed. I grabbed some clothes to change into after my shower and went into the bathroom. I was trying to mentally prepare myself for the rest of the day.

I would have to pose for pictures, smile, and pretend that I really wanted to be there. I would have to see even more relatives and friends of my family.

After I got done showering, I changed into some jeans and a plain black tshirt. I didn’t bother putting on any makeup or doing my hair since it was going to be done anyways.

I got out of the bathroom and Zayn stood up from the bed. He put on shorts but remained shirtless.

"I heard some comotion downstairs. What time do we have to be at the church?" He asked me as I started to make the bed.

"Uh, I think in about an hour." I answered. He came over to me and placed his hands on my waist. He brought me closer to his body, "I had a great time with you last night, (Y/n)."

"I did too." I smiled.

Zayn leaned over and kissed my head softly. I felt my chest swell. He was so amazing.

"I’m going to shower." He said when our little moment was over.

I nodded, “Okay, I’m going downstairs to see what everyone else is up to.” He grabbed some clothes and then went into the bathroom. I finished making the bed and then headed downstairs.

Bonnie and Alex were cooking breakfast when I walked into the kitchen.

"Good morning." I told them as I went to the fridge for some orange juice.

"Morning. What happened to you and Zayn last night? One minute you two are on the dance floor and then the next you’re both gone." Alex asked me.

"We went for a walk. It was getting a little too overwhelming being with all of the relatives." I laughed a little.

"That’s understandable. Easton looked like he wanted to get away too." Bonnie said.

"I noticed something seemed like it was bothering him." I told her. I wanted to talk to my brother before the ceremony started. I needed to know if I had done something to piss him off.

"Yeah, he didn’t want to talk about it." Bonnie simply said. I could tell she was wondering what was going on with her husband too.

"Where is everyone else?" I asked trying to get away from the subject.

"Well, your parents left to the hotel already. We have to meet them there after we eat." Alex told me.

I was just about to go and see if Zayn was finished with his shower when he came into the kitchen. His hair was still glistening from the shower and he had a smile on his face.

"Good morning, ladies." He told Bonnie and Alex.

He kissed the top of my head before he poured himself some orange juice. Zayn came and sat next to me at the table. I noticed that he didn’t keep a lot of distance from me like before. It made me smile a little.

"I’m surprised you guys didn’t hear the babies crying last night. I was scared they were going to keep everyone up." Alex said as she grabbed some plates from the cabinet.

I felt Zayn place his hand on my thigh, “We didn’t hear anything, right (Y/n)?”

I placed my hand on top of his, “Yeah, we didn’t.”

He was so cheeky.


An hour later, we all made it to the hotel that the ceremony was going to take place. Zayn helped carry the bag that I had my dress and shoes in. My parents rented two seperate rooms for the women and the men to all get dressed in.

Bonnie, Alex, Easton, Mark, Zayn and I along with the kids all headed up to the fifth floor. Zayn held my hand the entire way.

I didn’t get a chance to talk to my brother. He looked like he didn’t get much sleep last night.

When we reached the fifth floor, we all headed out. My parents booked rooms on different hallways so we wouldn’t run into each other. They were really superstitious.

"I’ll see you later." Zayn told me as we got out the elevator.

I nodded, “See you later.” He leaned down and kissed me softly before he walked away with my brothers.

"You two are just so cute, I can’t stand it." Bonnie told me.

I rolled my eyes, “Thanks, Bonnie.”

When we walked into the room that my mom was getting ready in, I could tell that she was nervous.

"Hey, mom." I went over to her and gave her a hug, "Do you have cold feet yet?"

She laughed, “I didn’t have cold feet the first time. How is everyone else doing?”

"Good. The guys are in the other room with Dad. Is there anything you need us to take care of?" I asked her.

Mom shook her head, “No, everything is running smoothly and right on schedule.”

I nodded, “Okay, let me know if you need anything, mom. Today is your day.”

She smiled and pulled me into another hug, “Thank you, (Y/n).”

The women that my mom hired to do our hair and makeup arrived a few minutes after we showed up. They set up their stations and then started working on us. There was enough of them for all of us. Olivia was just having simple curls and of course no makeup so she was going last. She was content playing with the twins while we all got all dolled up.

My hair was up and in a loose bun towards the back of my head. My makeup was simple which I liked. I wondered how things were going with Zayn and the other guys. I wondered if he was nervous at all.

I grabbed my phone and decided to text him:

Me: doing okay over there?

Zayn: yeah, it’s fine. I wish I could be there with you xx

Me: you will see me soon xx

Zayn: I can’t wait.

I smiled and set my phone down. We had a little time until the ceremony started. I honestly didn’t expect anything to happen between Zayn and I when I hired him. I couldn’t help the feelings that developed for him, but I wouldn’t change anything.

After both my hair and makeup was finished, I changed into my dress.

"You look beautiful." My mom smiled when I went back into the main room.

"Thanks mom." I told her.

I sat down on the sofa and watched as the hairdresser started to curl her hair. My mom’s makeup was already done so we were just waiting for her hair to be complete before she got dressed. Bonnie and Alex were changing the kids into their clothes.

"Oh my gosh!" My mom exclaimed out of the blue. I thought that the hairdresser might’ve burned her on accident.

"What is it?" I asked her as I rushed to her side.

"I completely forgot to leave your father his present. When we got married the first time, he surprised me with a beautiful pair of diamond earrings and this time I wanted to surprise him with a new watch." She explained.

"I could bring it for you. I’m already dressed." I offered.

"Thank you. I can’t believe that I forgot about it." My mom went to grab the present from her purse. It was a small black box with a red bow around it.

I left the room after she gave it to me. I got a little excited that I might see a glimpse of Zayn. I walked down the hall and just as I was about to round the corner, I bumped into Easton.

"Hey, I’ve been wanting to talk to you today." I told him.

He turned to face me. I could tell that he was still upset. “About what?”

"Is something bothering you? I mean, you have been acting like you are upset with me over something." I said.

"I’m fine." Easton said before he started to walk away.

I hurried and moved in front of him, “Since when have we kept things from each other, Easton?”

"I could ask you the same thing, (Y/n)." he spat out.

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"How could you?"

"How could I, what!" I yelled, getting more and more furious with my brother.

"How could you hire an escort and bring him here?"

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Anonymous asked: Update ?


The Escort is getting updated tonight :) xx

Ships bc i’m going on vaycay (≧◡≦)


I won’t be on my blog so much for some weeks so i’ll just do some ships for you guys :-)

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Anonymous asked: why haven't you been on much lately?? :( is it because of your internet or are you too busy??


I’ve just been way too busy! I feel absolutely terrible that I haven’t been updating like I used to. I’m going to try really hard to get back to my writing routines and I hope you guys don’t hate me!! 😭

Anonymous asked: Please update either Amnesia or Escort soon!


Going to be working on both of these stories tonight! :) xx

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