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Just a girl from Texas who loves 5 boys from across the pond <3
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Anonymous asked: Update soon? Amnesia or one of the other stories on here?!? 😭


Planning on updating the last chapter of the escort tomorrow. I’m sad it’s ending 😢

Anonymous asked: Almost time for a new Amnesia chapter??


If I can reach my 20 votes on last chapter then I will update it tomorrow 😁

tag thingy mabob

Tagged by: sweetlittledreamsofstars 😁

name: Betty

birthday: February 26th

favourite colour: Purple and blue

lucky number: 14 & 26 

height: 5’4 

talents: double jointed lol

last dream you remember: I hung out with Calum Hood 😳

can you juggle: Nahhh

arts/sports/both: both

do you like writing: I love it :)

do you like dancing: Yes but I’m shit at it lol

do you like singing: yahhh

dream vacation: going to Italy has always been a place that I wanted to visit.

dream person: uhhhhh any guy from 1D/ 5SOS lol

dream wedding: loved ones. Small wedding. Lights in trees. Roses leading down the aisle. Oh yeah, and Harry styles lol

dream pet: Nemo!!

favourite song: fireproof by 1D and Greenlight by 5SOS

favourite album: uh my everything by ariana grande

last song you heard on radio: latch by disclosure/ Sam smith

least favourite song: anaconda lol

least favourite album: I have no clue lol

least favourite artist: if you know me then you know my answer lol


guys/girls/both: boysssss

hair colour: dark hair

eye color: doesn’t matter as long as I could get lost in them 😘

humorous/serious: if you can’t make me laugh then you are wasting my time 😒

taller/shorter: has to at least be taller than me lol

biggest turn-off: guys who think that being assholes are cute. Guys that don’t have any aspirations.

biggest turn-on: Nice personality and can make me laugh. Nice smile and manners!! Oh and amazing music taste!!!!! Plus has to be able to have a stimulating conversation with! Being dumb ain’t cute 💁

I’m tagging: nikkierin777 ashtonimin stockiee lmontoya4 magcon-tho

Anonymous asked: Are you planning on finishing serenity ?


Definitely! I’m just waiting until I finish The Escort. I have one chapter left and then an epilogue 😁 xx

Anonymous asked: I WANT MOR 5SOS PREFS


I have a ton of ideas and I’ll start posting more when I get more reads/votes. I don’t want to post a bunch and not a lot of people are reading them.

Anonymous asked: when are you updating stars above??


I’m in a stars above rut lol I’m going to work on it tomorrow and try something out :) xx

zaraparker asked: How often are you updating half a heart ? I'm really excited to see what you do with it ! Xx


I will probably update it again at the end of the week :) xx

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