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The Escort: Twelve

Previous Chapter: http://upallnightprefs94.tumblr.com/post/92190261507/the-escort-eleven

I felt like my brother just dropped a huge bucket of ice cold water on me.

He knew.

He knew that Zayn was an escort.

I felt like everything was just crashing down on me.

"What are you talking about?" I asked him, trying to avoid crying. This was going to ruin anything.

"Don’t act dumb, (Y/n). I know that he is an escort." Easton told me.

"He isn’t an escort, Easton! Where would you even get that from?" It was getting really hard to lie now. I felt a huge lump in my throat.

Easton pulled out his phone and started pressing some buttons. When he handed me the phone, I was shocked at what I saw. It was a photo similiar to the one that Zayn convinced me to take and put on my Facebook. He was sitting next to a blonde haired woman and he was smiling.

"I knew that I knew the kid from somewhere. I spent hours looking for that picture on my Facebook because I knew that Zayn was familiar. I went to school with that woman. Remember Gina Carmichael? She posted that picture almost two months ago. I messaged her and she told me that she hired Zayn as her escort." Easton explained.

All of the pieces started coming together. Easton was constantly on his phone, he was angry and me and acting cold towards Zayn.

"She’s lying. Zayn isn’t an escort." I didn’t need my brother to ruin today. He would go and tell everyone.

"Why would she lie about something like that? Zayn has been lying to you this entire time!" Easton shouted.

I felt my eyes begin to water. I had to make sure that Easton didn’t tell anyone. I didn’t want to ruin what Zayn and I had, especially now that we were together.

"Let me talk to him, okay? Don’t tell anyone anything." I said to my brother as I handed him his phone back. I went to the room that all of the guys were supposed to be changing in.

I wiped away my tears before I knocked on the door. My dad opened the door.

"Hey, kiddo. Come to make sure that we are ready?"

I shook my head, “Mom sent me to bring you this.” I handed him the box that contained the watch that my mom was giving him.

He smiled, “Did she tell you about what I gave her before our first wedding?”

"Yeah, she said it was her turn." I smiled a little.

My dad hugged me and I saw Zayn was coming towards the door. I didn’t know if I should tell him that Easton knew that he was an escort. My dad went back inside of the hotel room as Zayn came over to me.

"You look absolutely incredible, babe." Zayn grabbed both of my hands with his and pulled me a little closer to him.

"So do you." I told him. He looked really handsome in his suit.

"You came over to here to see me didn’t you?" He winked and I felt my cheeks heat up.

"My mother made me bring my dad a gift. I’m sure he is going to show it off as soon as you walk back in."

"Did you hear that we are going to be walking down the aisle together?"

"What? I thought I had to walk with one of my dad’s friends?"

Zayn shook his head, “He sprained his ankle last night. I’ve been appointed as the back up.”

I placed my hands on his shoulders, “Aren’t we lucky to have you around?” Zayn pulled me closer to him, “I’m lucky to have you around.”

I was going to kiss him when I realized that my brother could come walking down the hall at any moment. I turned my head at the last second and Zayn kissed my cheek.

"What was that?" He asked me.

"I didn’t want to get any lipstick on you." I lied.

"A little lipstick never killed anyone." Zayn joked.

I moved out of his grasp, holding onto one of his hands, “I will kiss you after the wedding. I know how carried away you can get.” I laughed and so did he. I felt guity at how everything was starting to fall apart around us.

I wanted this man. I wanted to be with him for how ever long he would want me, which I hoped would be forever. He meant more to me than I ever thought possible. I didn’t want to lose him over this. If my parents resented me for this, then I didn’t care.

"I will see you in a bit, okay?"

He nodded, kissing my forehead before he went back into the hotel room. I took a deep breath and started to go back to the room where my mom was. I needed to help her put her dress on.

When I got back to the room, my mom was getting up from her seat. Her hair looked amazing along with her makeup.

"You ready to get dressed?" I asked her.

She nodded and went into the bedroom. When she was finished putting the dress on, she called me in the room to tie it in the back for her.

I walked in and tried not to cry. My mother looked so beautiful.

"Mom, you look amazing." I told her. The hotel put in a huge mirror along the wall that my mother requested. She wanted to make sure that they dress looked perfect before the ceremony.

"Thank you, (Y/n)." She smiled. I walked behind her and tied up the dress. Once I was done, she pulled me into her arms.

"I’m so happy you found Zayn. He seems like an amazing guy."

I felt like crying right then and there.

"I’m glad that I found him too." I whispered afraid that my voice would shake and she would wonder what was going on.

My mom and I left the bedroom and all of the other girls gushed about how beautiful she looked.

"We have to keep on schedule." My mom said. I could tell that she was starting to freak out a bit. I found it a little funny that she was nervous, I mean, she was already married to my dad.

The wedding planner came into our room and told us that it was time to start lining up. The guests were already seated and my dad was already waiting at the alter.

Alex, Bonnie, my mom, myself and the wedding planner all made our way downstairs to the lobby. Zayn and my brothers were already there waiting for us.

He smiled when he saw me. I saw Easton look at the both of us and I refrained from going right over to Zayn. I stood near my mom, “You look amazing. Dad is one lucky guy.”

She smiled at me, “I still feel like the luckiest girl in the world when I’m with him.”

That made me want to start bawling then and there. The wedding planner made us line up and I had no choice but to stand next to Zayn.

"Are you sure you are alright, love?" He asked me.

"I’m fine, Zayn." I simply said not being able to look at him. The doors opened and the flower girl along with the ring bearer went. Alex and Mark went and then Bonnie and Easton.

I grabbed my bouquet from the wedding planner and looked ahead. It was almost our time to go.

"I thought we weren’t going to keep this from each other." Zayn muttered.

I knew that I had to tell him. I just hoped that he wouldn’t leave me standing there.

"Easton knows." I whispered. That was all that I needed to say. He knew what I meant and I felt him stifen.

I had to put on a smile and walk down the aisle. I didn’t have any other option at the moment. Zayn and I walked down and I saw even more relatives and family friends. Zayn walked me over to my designated spot before went to his own.

I looked at him and he looked okay. He didn’t look pissed off or upset or anything. He seemed fine.

I knew then that we were doomed.



Anonymous asked: Is the escort being updated today??????????? Very very very excited if it is and if it isn't, then ill he very very very excited for tomorrow


I’m posting it now :) xx

Anonymous asked: When will, you update half a heart?


I’m going to start working on it tonight :) xx

Anonymous asked: What story are you updating next?


The Escort will be updated tonight :) xx

Anonymous asked: I love Amnesia! It's such a lovely concept! I think it's my favorite story of yours right now. :)


Thank you! It’s my favorite one to write at the moment :) xx

Amnesia Four!

I just uploaded the new chapter so go check it out guys!!



Stars Above: Thirteen

Previous Chapter: http://upallnightprefs94.tumblr.com/post/90106551792/stars-above-twelve

I knew that Harry wasn’t going to like this. I knew that he was going to be furious the moment that he found out that I lied to him.

But yet, here I was…. with Louis.

As we sat talking in his apartment, I felt so guilty. This morning, I woke up in Harry’s arms and now I was talking to his former best friend.

I hated how I was stuck between the two. Back and forth from Harry to Louis and I didn’t know if I could take it anymore. I got in between their friendship and now they hated each other.

"Here is your tea." Louis came back from his kitchen and handed me a cup.

"Thank you." I told him as he sat down on the couch. He turned to face me, "How much trouble are you going to be in with Harry because you are here?"

I shrugged my shoulders, “I have no idea.”

"I would be upset." He mumbled before he took a sip of his tea.

"Thanks, as if I wasn’t worried enough." I said sarcastically.

"Is everything okay between you two?"

I nodded, setting my mug on his coffee table, “Yeah, we are fine.”

"I want to apologize again for what happened outside of that bar. I just was drunk and wasn’t thinking clearly." Louis said as he looked down at his hands.

"You don’t have to keep apologizing."

"I know, but I should. I was a jerk to you."

"Just don’t do it again."

Louis nodded, “I promise.”

I wondered if he would actually keep his promise. I knew that I would have to leave soon. Harry already texted me twice, but I didn’t even read the messages. I just felt so guilty being here with Louis after the night I had with Harry.

Harry loved me and I had feelings for him too, but there was always going to be something about me and Louis whether I liked it or not.

He was the one that I had eyes for last year, but now things were different.

I didn’t like the situation that we were all in and I wanted things to go back to how they were when we were all able to be in a room with each other.

Louis and I chatted for a little while longer. We talked about class and other things before I knew that I had to get going.

I gathered my things, “I need to go, but I enjoyed talking with you today.” Louis stood up and started walking to his front door with me.

"I’m glad that you don’t hate me anymore." He chuckled.

"I never hated you. You just bugged the hell out of me sometimes." I laughed as I turned to look at him.

"You can bug the hell out of someone too." Louis smiled. At times like this it was easy to remember how I fell for Louis.

"I’ll see you in class." I waved goodbye as I opened the door and walked out.

I did feel good talking to Louis for a little while, but I didn’t want to see Harry at the moment. I felt like as soon as I would see him, I would just start talking.

I walked as slowly as I could back to my dorm room. When I got there, Andi was in the living room watching tv.

"Hey." I said as I walked in and set my things down.

"Where have you been? Harry has been stopping by here almost every hour. He said you haven’t been answering your phone. Is everything okay?" Andi asked me.

I went over to the couch and sat down, “I just went for a walk.”

"You aren’t telling me something." Andi narrowed her eyes at me.

"I was out with Louis." I blurted out.

Andi’s eyes went wide, “Shut up!”

I explained everything that happened. How I spent the night at Harry’s last night and planned on spending the day with him before I ran into Louis at the coffee shop earlier.

She stayed quiet. She wasn’t judgmental about anything and didn’t interrupt as I told her some of the things that Louis and I talked about.

When I was finally done, I waited for her to say something.

"Wow, he basically told you that he loves you still." she said.

I nodded, “Yeah, and if I continue to be his friend, then it would always be in the back of my head.”

"I used to want to have two guys fighting over me, but then I saw how complicated it was with you." Andi chuckled.

I hated the situation that I was in. If I tried just being friends with Louis, it wouldn’t be enough for him and Harry would hate it.

If I just stopped trying, I knew that I would miss Louis.

I groaned and leaned my head back, closing my eyes, “I don’t know what to do.”

"Well, I think that tonight you could use a distraction." Andi smiled as she stood up and walked to the kitchen.

"Let me guess, a party?" I laughed as she nodded.

"It’s going to be fun! Let me pick out something for you to wear and I’ll even do your hair for you so you don’t have to do anything." She said.

I knew that she wasn’t going to let me stay at the dorm anyways, so I gave in, “Fine!”

Andi smiled, “You won’t regret this!”


A few hours later, Andi and I were walking into the frat house that was throwing the party. It was just like all of the others. People were wasted already and it was only ten o’clock. Andi and I went into the kitchen and grabbed us two red cups.

She poured some type of alcohol into it and handed it to me. I gladly accepted it.

We walked around for a bit before we decided to settle in the living room. I leaned against the wall as we watched people dance. I wasn’t really in the mood for partying, but I didn’t want to leave Andi here alone.

It had been twenty minutes since we arrived when he walked in. Harry was with all of the other guys, minus Louis of course.

I felt bad that I had been practically ignoring him all day. Zayn noticed me and he tapped Harry on the arm. He pointed over in my direction and Harry made a beeline straight for me.

I took another sip of my drink before he made his way over.

"I’ve been calling you and texting all day. What is going on?" Harry asked me. I was getting a little distracted at how good he looked. Black shirt, black skinny jeans and boots.

"I told you where I was, Harry." I said as the other guys came over towards us. Niall went right over to Andi and he pulled her into his arms. I thought they were so adorable.

Harry placed one of his hands on my waist and I turned my attention back at him, “(Y/n), are we okay?”

I nodded, “Why wouldn’t we be?”

He shrugged and pulled me a little closer to him, “You’ve been acting a little strange since this morning. I thought that you regretted last night or something.”

I cupped his cheek with my hand, “I don’t, Harry.”

"You sure have been acting like it." He muttered.

"I told you that I had stuff to do. I’m sorry that I didn’t spend the day with you, but I promise that I will make it up to you." I said.

He smirked a little, “You better.” Harry leaned closer to me and pressed his lips against mine softly.

Harry leaned his forehead against mine, “I was worried all day that I did something to upset you.”

"It’s fine, Harry."

Andi tapped me and pointed over to the kitchen. Louis had just walked in. Harry followed my gaze. Louis noticed us and he waved at me.

"Are you freaking serious?" Harry let go of me and started to make his way over to Louis. I hurried and moved in front of him, "Harry, stop!"

"He is such a prick! He only came here to start trouble!" Harry yelled. I was glad that most of the people around us was too intoxicated to care about what was going on.

"Please don’t start anything tonight, Harry." I pleaded with him.

He took a deep breath and turned back around to his friends. I needed another drink. I needed something that was going to take my mind off everything that was going on.

I went into the kitchen and filled up my cup with the first bottle that I saw. I started to go back into the living room when I felt someone tap my shoulder. It was Louis.

"I didn’t think you would be here." He said.

"Andi dragged me out."

He chuckled, “I figured. You never did really like to come to these.”

"Except those times I would dance on the coffee table." I laughed.

"I saw Harry when I came in. He seemed upset. Did you tell him?"

"Tell him what?" I heard a voice say behind me. I knew that it was Harry, and I knew that tonight wasn’t going to end well.

Anonymous asked: When are you updating Stars Above?


I finished it late last night and will be uploading it today :) xx

Anonymous asked: Do you think One Direction is becoming a lot less active with their fans? Like they dont make videos for us, or say 'thank you' or 'i love you' to us unless they are being interveiwed. I just don't see anymore communication between them and us fans. Do you agree?


I know they are a lot less active than they used to be but they are super busy. I don’t doubt that they love us at all though. If they didn’t I don’t think they would still be doing what they’re doing now xx

Anonymous asked: 50 Shades of Gray is some kinky ass shit. Like the WHOLE entire book is smut. I felt so uncomfortable reading it because it's like never ending.


Yeah, I read some reviews and a ton of people said it was poorly written. I think I’ll pass on reading it lol I’ll probably reread Harry Potter for the millionth time 😁 xx

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