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Anonymous asked: Are you updating tonight? Love all your stories btw! 😘


Thank you! And I finished stars above yesterday before I went to work, but I ended up changing some stuff. It’ll be up today though :) xx

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Anonymous asked: Ahhhh. I'm already for the next Escort update lol. It's so good girl 😆


Thank you!! :) xx

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Anonymous asked: The escort is so interesting(: update soon


Thank you! :) xx

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The Escort: Two

Previous Chapter: http://upallnightprefs94.tumblr.com/post/81919493305/the-escort-one

I was nervous.

I was currently at a coffee shop near my flat waiting for Zayn.

I couldn’t believe that I was doing this. I had never been this desperate before.

Whenever the door bell would chime, I would look up thinking it was him.

I didn’t even talk to him on the phone. I only talked to the woman in charge of the escort service. I told her my situation and she said Zayn would be the perfect man for the job.

Camille was happy that I took her advice. I just hoped that everything would work out.

Zayn didn’t have a Facebook or Instagram account. I went on a stalking mission after I talked to the escort agency. I wanted to know more about him.

He was supposed to meet me here at four. It was 3:59.

The door opened and in walked a man wearing a suit. He had on sunglasses and his black hair was styled up perfectly. He was like sex on a stick.

I had to tear my gaze away from him.

He was gorgeous.

I reached into my purse to grab my phone when I noticed someone standing by my table.

"Are you (Y/n)?"

I looked up and saw the man that just walked in.

I felt like I couldn’t even talk. His looks were just so intimidating.

I nodded, “Yes.”

He held his hand out for me to shake, “I’m Zayn. It’s nice to meet you.”

"It’s— nice to meet you too." I stammered.

I felt like such an idiot.

He stood there for a few seconds, “May I join you?”

Zayn gestured to the seat in front of me.

"Oh! Yes, of course."

I sat up a little as he sat down. I was even more nervous as before. Zayn was like the definition of perfection. Just looking at him made my heart race. Someone like him had to have been taken.

I wondered how he had got into the escort business in the first place.

"Tell me about yourself." Zayn told me.

"Uh well, I’m an English teacher at an middle school here. I have twin brothers, they are older and are very annoying. I moved here to Paris when I was 18. I needed to get away from my family. They are a little… controlling."

"My boss told me that you hired me for a three day weekend event. I didn’t really get a lot of details." Zayn took off his sunglasses and set them on the table.

His eyes were amazing.

"Yeah. My parents are getting remarried. I needed someone to pose as my date so they could just see that I’m dating someone. It’ll get them off my back." I explained.

He nodded, “When is it exactly?”

"In three weeks."

"It will be five thousand for the three days. We meet and fly together the night before. I will need to know a little information on your family members so I’m not completely thrown for a loop." Zayn said.

He had thought about all of the little things.

"Now, I need to know a little information on your dating history. Are you into PDA?" He asked me.

I got nervous all over again, “Um, not like hardcore PDA.” I felt my cheeks get warm. I didn’t think we would be discussing this now.

"So we keep the affection to a minimum. Hand holding, hugs, maybe a kiss on the cheek."

I nodded not really knowing what to say.

"Anything else will cost you extra." He stated.

I narrowed my eyes at him, “What are you referring to?”

Even his chuckle was sexy, “I think you know exactly what I’m talking about.”

I clenched my jaw a little before I responded to him, “There won’t be any extra costs.”

He smiled and nodded, “Okay then.”

"Thank you for doing this. It will save me a lot of headache with my family."

"It’s no problem. It’s my job." He answered.

I took a sip of my coffee as it got silent. I felt his gaze on me but I tried to look away.

"So, why couldn’t you get a real date?" Zayn asked me.

It came out a lot harsher than I hoped he intended.

"I uh haven’t found the right guy I guess." I answered hoping this would be the last question about my past dating history.

"Maybe you have, you just didn’t realize it yet."

I shurgged my shoulders, “Maybe.”

Zayn stood up and put his glasses back on, “I have to get going. I’ll see you soon.”

"Wait! I don’t have your number. How am I supposed to contact you?"

He smirked a little, “I have yours.”

“So, tell me everything about him!” Camille practically tackled me when I got to her flat.

She was dying to know about how my meetup with Zayn went.

"He looks like a model." I said as I grabbed a slice of pizza.

"Did you take any photos of him?"

I rolled my eyes, “No! That would’ve been weird.”

"I want to see what he looks like!"

"I’ll try to be super sneaky and take a picture of him next time." I laughed.

Camille smiled, “Thank you!”

She put the television on some sappy movie that I really didn’t feel like watching. I heard my phone buzz on her kitchen counter.

I got up to get it and saw that I had a text from an unknown number.

I unlocked my phone and read the text. It was from Zayn.

Zayn: hello, it’s Zayn. I was wondering if you wanted to go to lunch sometime next week so I can learn a bit about your family and what’s in store when we go to London.

Me: sure. Next week sounds fine. Text me the time and place.

I wanted to seem as cool as possible. I was a nervous wreck around him before.

Zayn: see you then.

"Zayn just texted me." I told Camille while I put my phone down.

Her eyes went wide, “Shut up! What did he want?”

"He wants to go out to lunch next week. He wants to get a little information about my family so when we go he at least knows something." I said.

"I have a feeling that you two are going to fall in love." Camille said with a huge smile on her face.

"Oh, shut up! This is just business."

"If he is as gorgeous as you say he is, then I have a feeling you two are going to hook up."

"We are not going to hook up! Besides, he said that would be extra." I mumbled.

Camille burst out laughing, “No way!”

I nodded, “He probably has a girlfriend anyways.”

"I don’t know what girl would want to be with him with the job he has."

I shrugged my shoulders, “I have no idea. I know I couldn’t.”

I spent the rest of the night trying to get Zayn out of my head. Could I really go through with all of this?

Could I actually get away with it?

If it meant that I wouldn’t have to hear my parents opinions on why I haven’t found anyone, then I know I could do it.

Zayn seemed like the perfect person to help me with them.

I just wanted everything to go perfectly and keep it professional as possible.

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Serenity: Two

Previous Chapter: http://upallnightprefs94.tumblr.com/post/81800098783/serenity-one

I couldn’t believe what I just heard.

"You are pregnant, (Y/n)." Dr. Sam repeated when I didn’t respond the first time.

"How is that possible?" I whispered.

Dr. Sam chuckled, “Do I really have to explain it?”

"I know the story, but we have always used protection." I said.

Dr. Sam nodded, “Things like this happen sometimes.”

Over the next half hour, Dr. Sam went over important things that I needed to know. It was all jumbled into my head. I would need to take prenatal vitamins, I would have to not be stressed out so much. It wouldn’t be healthy for me or for the baby.

Even though this might’ve been the wrong timing, I couldn’t help but feel a little excited.

I was going to be a mother.

There was a baby growing inside of me. It was half of me and half of Harry.

I thanked Dr. Sam for everything once she was done giving me all of the information I needed.

When I got in my car, I sat there for a few minutes. How was I going to tell Harry?

He and the guys were gearing up for a huge tour here in Europe. The timing wasn’t ideal, but I just hoped everything would turn out okay.

I arrived home thirty minutes later. Harry was on the phone, pacing around in the living room.

"Yeah, that sounds great. Okay, I’ll see you then." He hung up when I set my things down.

"There is my favorite person in the world." He came and pulled me into his arms.

"How was your day?" I asked him.

"It was really good." Harry had a huge smile on his face.

We sat down on the couch, “Who were you on the phone with?”

"Well, I was talking to Liam and he told me that since the sales for the European tour sold so fast, they were thinking about adding some dates in the U.S."

I froze.

More tour dates?

I couldn’t be pregnant for the first time and all alone.

I tried to hide my disappointment, “That’s great, Harry.”

"I know. We haven’t toured in the states for a while now. It is going to be so exciting if we go." Harry smiled.

I wanted to tell him now that I was pregnant.

But, it didn’t feel right.

"It would be totally exciting." I lied. I was getting better at it.

He hugged me again before he kissed me softly, “I have to get going. The guys wanted me to meet them at the studio. I should be back for dinner.”


That would be the perfect time for me to tell him! I would make it super romantic and get all dressed up. We would be able to discuss what we would do if the tour got extended.

"Okay, I’ll see you later." I smiled.

When Harry left, I hurried into my room to change out of my work clothes. I had about three hours before Harry would return.

I changed into jeans and a plain black shirt. I put some shoes on and headed out.

I needed to go to the market and pick up some things for dinner. I planned on making steak and potatoes. While at the market, I got a chocolate cake and I picked out some fresh roses from a vender nearby.

I was buzzing with excitement by the time I returned home. I started cooking and then started decorating.

I grabbed a white table cloth from the linen closet and placed it over our round dining table.

I got a vase and filled it with some water for the roses. I placed it in the middle of the table before I started setting it.

When everything looked beautiful, I went to change into something more suitable.

I grabbed my favorite floral dress and put it on. I curled my hair and applied just a little but of makeup.

When the food was ready, I put them in serving bowls and placed them on the table. It all looked delicious.

It was around seven when I finished with everything. After I lit some candles, I waited for Harry to return.

I couldn’t help but be excited.

That easily went away after waiting for two hours.

I blew the candles out and put away the leftovers. Harry said that he would be home for dinner, but yet he never showed up.

I was frustrated with both him and myself.

I changed into my pajamas and went to bed. Harry didn’t even text me saying that he was going to be late.

I just wanted to tell him the good news.

I didn’t know what time it was when I finally drifted to sleep, but when I heard the door to the bedroom open, it woke me up. Harry was finally home.

I looked over at my clock. It was almost one in the morning.

"I’m sorry for waking you, babe." Harry said.

I didn’t say anything.

"What was the occasion? I saw the candles and roses." I felt the bed dip a little as Harry got in.

"It’s nothing, Harry."

"What’s wrong?"


I felt Harry try to touch my arm so I moved away.

"(Y/n), what is the matter? You were fine before I left for the studio."

I turned the lamp on and sat up, “You said you would be home for dinner.”

"I know, I got held up in the studio with the guys."

"Why didn’t you call? Common courtesy would be to call and let me know." I said to him. I didn’t care if I was being mean. I was upset.

"I’m sorry. I know that I should’ve, but it isn’t a big deal." Harry said.

"How could you say that?" I got out of bed and looked at him. I couldn’t just sit there while he talked to me like that.

"Because it isn’t. We’ve had dinner together before, so what makes tonight so special? It isn’t our anniversary or a holiday."

"You want to know what made me want to make tonight special, Harry? I was going to tell you that I’m pregnant!" I blurted out.

Harry looked shocked. It wasn’t the exact way that I wanted to tell him, but I didn’t have any other choice.

"You’re pregnant?" He whispered.

I nodded, “I found out today. That’s why I wanted to make you dinner.”

Harry got out of bed and pulled me into his arms. I felt less angry than before. I knew that if I would’ve told Harry that I wanted tonight to be special, he would’ve showed up on time.

"That is fantastic! We are having a baby!" Harry swung me around a little.

"I was so nervous about your reaction." I confessed as I rested my head against his chest.

"Why?" He asked me. He sat down on the bed and pulled me down with him.

I sat on his lap, “I was just scared that you would think that it would be a bad time for a baby.”

Harry tightened his wrap against my waist, “Of course this is a good time. I’m so happy!”

"Well I am too. It was unexpected, but those are the best type of surprises." I smiled.

"I feel like going out and telling the world!" Harry exclaimed. He placed his hand on my stomach, "Hello, Harry Jr. It’s your daddy talking."

"Harry Jr?" I laughed.

He nodded, “That’s the name that I am choosing.”

"We still have nine months to pick out a name." I said.

"I have to tweet about it!" He reached into his pocket to get his phone.

"Harry! We have to tell our family and friends first. We should wait to tell anyone else." I told him.

He groaned, “Fine. I just want to tell the world that I’m having a baby with the love of my life.”

His sweet words made me smile. It made me forget why I was ever mad at him before.

"I love you, Harry." I pressed my lips against his cheek softly.

He pouted his lips and pointed to them, “I wanted a kiss here.”

I giggled and leaned over and kissed him. He pulled me closer to him and leaned back.

"This is what got us expecting now." I laughed.

"I hope that you know that I want at least three more kids." Harry told me.

"Oh really?" I questioned.

"I want them to be in a band." He smiled.

"What would you call them?"

"They will be known as the Styles Four."

I rolled my eyes, “That’s not a good name.”

"I’ll think about it some more." He chuckled.

That night as we went to sleep, I felt Harry’s hand go to my stomach and rest there. I smiled before I drifted off to sleep, thankful that I was marrying such a wonderful man.

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Anonymous asked: Update soon lovely? 💜


I’m about to leave work now and when I get home I will upload the update for Serenity :) xx

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bookloverrowergirl11 asked: What is your name on watt pad?


Sassmasta94 :)

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Anonymous asked: Do you have a link to all of your writing!?


I’ve given up with keeping track of links lol I’m in the process of uploading all of my stories on wattpad. Most of them are on there already.

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Anonymous asked: I have a writing question! When you start writing a story (I love When I Was, by the way!), do you know how you want the outcome to be from the beginning, or do you figure it out along the way as the characters develop and you get a taste of what the readers like?


Thank you! And the only story that I planned out was The Best Man. I like to not know what the endings are going to be like because things change and a lot of the time I just go with the flow. I want my writings to be natural and something my followers will love :) xx

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