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Anonymous asked: Do you have a link for your picture preferences? Loved them!


I’m going to put them on my wattpad! :) xx

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It’s no trouble at all and I just posted it! xx

Amnesia Thirteen

*I was told that this wasn’t showing up on wattpad, so here it is for anyone who can’t see it!! 😘

Yet again, I was mesmerized by the guys and their show. I still just couldn’t get over their talent. I wondered if I was going to ever get over it. I was just the proud best friend. I stood in the crowd and more girls tonight than last night noticed me.

A lot of them asked for a photo with me right before the guys went on and I took as many as I could. I found it crazy that they wanted a picture with me just because I knew the guys.

Some of them told me that I needed to make a Twitter and I told them that I would think about it.

When the show was over, I headed backstage and went in search for the guys. I didn’t have to look long, because I heard them shouting and cheering.

They always had like a rush of adrenaline after a show. Weirdos.

I walked into the room where we hung out before the show and they were there jumping around.

"What did you think about the show, (Y/n)?" Calum asked me once they calmed down a little.

"You guys were amazing like always." I told them.

"Aww! Group hug!" MIchael yelled.

I tried to move out of the way, but it was no use. All of the guys swarmed around me. They were sweaty and it was really gross.

"That was a big sweaty mess." I groaned as they moved away.

"You know you liked it." Luke winked at me and I felt my cheeks heat up.

"Let’s go before they get all flirty on us." Calum teased. We made sure they had everything they needed before we left. We walked outside to the back parking lot and got into the waiting van. I sat in the middle row with Ashton and Luke.

Luke grabbed my hand and laced our fingers together and I saw Ashton looking at our jointed hands.

I still wondered what he meant from our conversation earlier. I didn’t know what to do? Should I ask him about it? Should I ask Luke?

We were going to be flying home to Australia tonight. I was really excited to go home and see my mom. I couldn’t wait to bombard her with all of the questions that I had. I wanted to see my old bedroom and go around the city with the guys.

When we made it to the hotel, we had to hurry and gather our things to make it to our flight. The room that I shared with Calum and Luke was cluttered with their clothes.

"I cannot believe that you guys let it get this bad!" I told them as we started to gather their clothes and stuff them into their suitcases.

"Sorry Mom." I heard Calum mutter.

I grabbed a shirt and threw it at him, “Hurry up, guys. You know Ashton and Michael will start complaining if we are late. “

I was surprised how we managed to finish everything and still had time to spare. We did one last sweep of the room before we left to make sure that we weren’t forgetting everything.

As we made our way to the airport, I looked out at beautiful New York City. I was really going to miss it. The sights, the people, and the vibe of the city was really remarkable. I would want to come here again for sure.

"What are you thinking about?" Luke asked me as the rest of the guys were talking about something else.

"I want to come back here one day." I said as I looked away from the window and to him.

"I want to bring you back here one day." He told me.

"You would do that?"

Luke nodded and leaned his forehead against mine, “I would do anything for you, (Y/n).”


I had another flashback of my accident.

It jolted me awake and I was unaware of my surrounding for a few seconds. We were still on the airplane. It was silent. The lights were out all around except a few up front. I checked the time on my phone. It was three in the morning.

I was sitting in between Luke and Michael who were knocked out. Calum and Ashton were in front of us.

I needed to use the restroom, so I got up gently and headed that way. I checked to make sure no one was in there then I went in there and did my business. Once I was done, I opened the door and started to head back to my seat, but someone was standing in my way.


"Are you okay?" he asked me.

I nodded, “Yeah, I just had to use the restroom, weirdo.”

"Oh, I thought you had a nightmare again or something."

I stepped out of the bathroom and into the small hallway, “I did actually.”

Luke grabbed my hands, “Was it the same one?”

"Yes, but it isn’t a nightmare, Luke. It’s a flashback." I said.

His eyes widened a little, “A flashback?”

"It’s of my accident."

Luke pulled me into his arms. I instantly felt comforted and I felt safe. “Why didn’t you tell me before?”

"I was, but then we were arguing and I was just going to keep it to myself because I still don’t remember everything else."

I felt him kiss the top of my head, “I could never be too mad at you for you to talk to me about anything.”

"I will tell you if I remember anything else." I said to him and I meant it.

"Come on. Let’s go back to sleep." Luke grabbed my hand and we walked back to our seats. He lifted the arm rest that separated us and pulled me into his arms.

"I had a really good time in New York with you guys." I said to him.

"I’m glad that you came."

"I wouldn’t have if you hadn’t convinced my mother." I chuckled.

"(Y/n), can I take you out on a date?" Luke asked me, catching me off guard. I looked up at him, "What?"

"I would like to take you out on a date when we get home. I’ve been dying to ask you, but then things got in the way."

I smiled a little, “I would love to.”


We finally arrived in Australia. As I walked out of the airport, I was hit with excitement. I wanted to see my mom and see pictures and hear stories of my past.

The guys and I got into a car after all of our luggage was loaded. They told me that my house was closer to the airport so I was getting dropped off first.

Luke held my hand as we made our way to my house. It felt a little weird that I wasn’t going to be with him all all of the time like I had been the last few days.

The van pulled up to a really nice house and even though I didn’t remember it, I knew it was home. It just felt like something clicked inside of me.

I got out of the car and so did the guys. Luke helped me take out my suitcase while I said goodbye to everyone else.

"We will all hang out soon." Michael told me after our hug.

"We better." I joked trying to be stern, but failing.

I hugged Calum and then Ashton before they got back into the van. I turned to Luke, “I’ll see you later?”

He nodded and took a step closer to me, “I will call you later after you get some rest.”

"And you too. You look exhausted." I touched his cheek softly and he leaned into my hand. We didn’t really get a lot of sleep after we talked about my accident. I was too scared to fall asleep again in fear that I would dream about it again.

He didn’t want me to be the only one awake, so he stayed up with me.

"Trust me, as soon as I get home I will go to bed." He chuckled.

It got silent for a few seconds.

"I should head inside. My mom is probably watching from the windows or something." I smiled.

He leaned over to me and pressed his lips against mine lightly. It was over right just as quickly as it happened. It still caused me to get all gushy inside.

"Bye (Y/n)." He told me with a smile.

"Bye Luke." I waved as he walked back to the van and got inside. I grabbed my suitcase and started walking up the driveway.

"I miss you already!" I heard Michael yell out of the window.

I turned back around and blew them a kiss, “Miss you too!”

"I miss you more than he does!" Luke shouted as the van drove off. I walked to the front of the house and just stared at it for a few minutes.

The door opened and my mom walked out, “What are you doing just standing out here?”

"I wanted to get a good look at it, I guess." I smiled as she came towards me and pulled me into her arms.

"I missed you." She said.

"I missed you too, Mom."


After a warm home cooked meal and a bit of catching up, I was finally making my way to my room. Mom brought me to it and I looked at the pictures that were hung up around it.

Some were of my in my childhood and the others were of me with friends from school I assumed.

"I’m going to let you get settled and you can come downstairs whenever you are finished." Mom kissed the top of my head before she left the room.

I put my suitcase on top of my bed and started to unpack. I didn’t know where anything went, so I improvised. I searched through some of the drawers and the majority of them were empty so I put some of the clothes that I didn’t get a chance to wear in New York in them.

I put my clothes that I needed to wash in a hamper near my door.

As I grabbed some of my toiletries, I dropped my hairbrush and it rolled under my bed.

I groaned and kneeled down to retrieve it. I placed my hand under the bed and feeled around for the brush. I touched a square object and curiosity hit me. I pulled it out and saw that it was a plain teal box.

You could say that I was really surprised at what I found inside of it…..

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Would you like for me to post it on here and I’ll just delete it later??

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Tomorrow! 😘

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Here is the link for it: http://www.wattpad.com/75868526-amnesia-thirteen

Let me know if it works! xx

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All of them are except Stars Above but I’m going to have that updated either tonight or tomorrow :) xx

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